Q: Image Requirements

  • Image Format: ProductAI supports jpg/jpeg/png/bmp; ProductAI doesn’t support jpg2000, gif, psd, etc.
  • Image Resolution: 256x256 (pixels), or higher resolution is recommended. Width and height of image have to be subjected to following
    • 50 < W < 4000
    • 50 < H < 4000
    • 1/32 < W/H < 32
  • Image Size: maximum supported image size is 2MB

Q: What is a CSV file?

Please see Wikipedia: (CSV) Comma-separated values

Q: CSV file size limitation?

CSV file size must be less than 50MB. Note: large file uploading may be failed during network transition due to a too long time operation cross internet easily affected by all kinds of random network issues.

Q: How to create a CSV file?

Method 1: Create a CSV file by Microsoft Excel:

  1. Prepare image url, metadata (optional), tags (optional)
  2. Create an excel spreadsheet, the 1st column for image url, the 2nd column for metadata, and the 3rd column for tags
  3. (*.csv) Save the file as “csv UTF-8 (comma-separated) (*.csv)”

Method 2: Create a CSV file by Windows Notepad:

  1. Prepare image url, metadata (optional), tags (optional)
  2. Open Microsoft Notepad. For each line, please put image URL followed by a comma, and then put image metadata followed by a comma, at last put tags at the tail of line (multiple tags should be delimited by the bar ‘|’)
  3. Save the file by using the file extension “.csv”

Note: a CSV file should contain at most 2 commas in each line only. Please carefully check if there are any extra commas in your URL or metadata. Below is a snapshot for file content

CSV Content

  • Url field is forbiden to be enclosed by quotation mark. To avoid issues caused by Excel saving, checking by Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (Mac) is recommended
  • Please enclose the metadata or tags with quotes when it includes comma
  • When using json data, please see content with hightlight in the image above. Such as: “{‘ID’:’123’,’ID2’:’456’}”

Q: What is a requirement for my image host server?

If there are more than 100,000 image URLs in the csv, please ensure your images are hosted via CDN to avoid traffic spikes on your server. If you have no CDN, please contact with either your account manager or our tech support team for switching to slow downloading mode. Otherwise ProductAI downloader will send a huge downloading requests to your image host server (it may result in your service downgrade).

Note: once slow downloading mode is switched, your service indexing speed will be slower than normal.

Q: How to know the downloading progress of my image set?

Please read Fetch Image Set. This API will return downloading progress information, e.g. n_downloaded field indicates how many of downloaded images; n_failed indicates how many of failed images.

Q: What would cause image downloading failed?

invalid image url
invalid image format
the image host server doesn’t respond in timely fashion

Q: How to handle image downloading failed?

  1. Please signin Console.
  2. Click “My Dataset“ in Console left sidebar, select the image set which contains abnormal images.
    alt text
  3. Click “View Failed Downloads”, and click “Retry All Failed Downloads”.
    alt text